Notice of Candidacy Filing

This Notice of Candidacy Filing has been released to notify all the eligible voters of BANA who are willing to apply for candidacy for the BANA General Election to be held on April 3, 2022 for a post in the 2022-2025 BANA Executive Committee about the following:

(i)        Positions Open for Candidacy

One President, one Senior Vice President, one Vice President, one General Secretary, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and eight Board of Directors.

(ii)      Qualification for Candidacy

As per current BANA Bylaws (with 2021 Amendment), only members who are listed as Life Members in the List of Voters will qualify to file for a candidacy.

(iii)    Photo ID Required for Verification

The applicant (prospective candidate) must present an acceptable formal ID with a recognizable photo for his/her identity verification. For the applicant’s nominating and seconding voter, the identity verification will be the responsibility of the applicant, and, if found otherwise, the candidacy will be void anytime.     

(iv)    Filing Fee

Each prospective candidate should include a filing fee (in check or cash) with application. An application without a fee will not be accepted. If a check submitted with an application is bounced, the application will be invalidate and the candidacy will be void.  Filing fee for each position is as presented in the following table:

S.No.PositionFiling Fee
2Senior Vice President$750.00
3Vice President$750.00
4General Secretary$600.00
7Board of Director$300.00

(v)      Candidacy for Multiple Positions by a Person
One qualifying member can file candidacy for one position only. Filing for more than one position will invalidate all of his/her applications.

(vi)     Format of the Candidacy Application
The candidacy must be filed using the official application form (available to download here or available in the office on the day of filing). The completed and duly signed form should be submitted by the applicant by being physically present in front of the designated election official(s) in the Office of the Election Committee on the day and within the time outlined in (v) below as posted in Election Programs/Timelines. Any other type/method of application will not be accepted.    

(vii)   When to file
The application must be filed on Sunday February 27, 2022 between 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

(viii)  Where to File

The application must be filed to the Office of the Election Committee located in the BANA Resource Center at 2906 Taylor Ave, Parkville, MD 21234.

(ix)     Must Read Materials

All prospective candidates who are filing for candidacy must thoroughly read the application form, BANA Bylaws (with 2021 Amendment), Election Code of Conduct, and any other relevant provisions issued by the Election Committee.

If needed, one can ask questions by writing to

Last updated 2/24/2022