BANA Youth Team

Founded in September 2020, the BANA Youth Team is a committee within BANA consisting of young individuals from ages 12 to 24. We seek to unite the Nepali youth that wish to come together to bring change to our community. Our primary focus areas include career development and bridging generation gap within families.

Our latest project is helping parents and other members of the community with using technology for every-day tasks. On [date], we are hosting a live event (Zoom webinar) in which we explore and explain different topics relating to using computers and technology. We have created a survey (link here) for parents to indicate any particular topics that they would like us to discuss. Everyone is invited and welcome to attend! Please see the video below for more information.

As a new committee, we are on the process of brainstorming ideas for inspiring positive change in the community. If you are interested in joining us, or have suggestions or ideas for projects that you would like us to work on, feel free to DM us on Instagram.

-- BANA Youth Team

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