Who We Are

Our Mission

Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America (BANA) is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization dedicated to introducing Nepali population since its establishment (2005), and have been committed to preserve Nepali culture and perpetuate Nepali traditions, to enhance fellowship among all the American Nepali tribes; to enlighten the public and encourage better understanding of Nepali People and make feel like home through number of cultural and social programs. BANA established its identity as a leading community organization working for the broad welfare of the community, common to all Nepali Americans in Baltimore area and in the whole state of Maryland.


Our Work

BANA community members and volunteers have dedicated themselves to advance our purposes set in the mission statement and by-laws. Before the pandemic, BANA regularly hosted several activities every year, including the Summer Picnic and fall Street Festival in order to bring the Nepali community closer together and explore different cultural elements, like food, music, and dance.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, BANA immediately got to work. Many members of the Nepali community in Maryland, and in other parts of the US, needed assistance with transitioning to remote work, unemployment benefits, and other financial issues. BANA regularly raises funds for important issues like helping the Nepali population affected by the pandemic, and victims of other manmade and natural disasters that are in need, all over the world.

In addition, BANA helped provide hundreds of COVID tests to the Nepali community via our Community Resource Center in Parkville, MD. BANA hosted many online webinars through Zoom and Facebook Live to help with topics like Stress Management, Unemployment, and Small Business. After the vaccine was approved, BANA collaborated with Baltimore County and the State of Maryland to administer hundreds of COVID-19 shots.